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Social Enterprises

We want to help spread the word on change makers that are passionate about making a positive impact on social and environmental issues. Do find out more about some of these social enterprises here in Singapore and how you can support them and make a difference!

The Social Space

The Social Space creates multi-concept spaces to inspire social-impact champions in all that they do so as to create an economy for good. Their spaces feature a Café, a fair trade retail area, and a nail salon, all promoting greater awareness for sustainability, an appreciation for providence, and more accessible conscious living.

The Social Space is also a platform of opportunities for differently-abled people to acquire skills, dignified employment and put their talents and skills to a good cause. They aim to empower such individuals who face a higher barrier to employment opportunities due to circumstances beyond their control to gain self-sufficiency in the long term.

The Living Well Cafe

This is a cafe that integrates people from vulnerable communities into their business. Their beneficiaries include ex-offenders, single mothers and youth at risk. Specialty coffee, healthy salads & wraps, sandwiches, pastries, delectable waffles & gelato are some of the items you can find on their menu.

Bettr Barista

The Bettr Group is a home-grown specialty coffee company founded in 2011, and Singapore’s first certified B-Corporation. It currently comprises of:

Bettr Barista - a regionally-recognised Academy providing professional specialty coffee education.

Bettr Coffee Company - an ISO 22000-certified coffee roastery, an events arm offering full-service mobile coffee experiences, sustainably sourced coffee products as well as retail bars serving coffee to the community.

The Bettr Group works to empower lives through a Holistic Training Programme for marginalised women and youth, by nurturing direct and sustainable trade across its supply chain, and by building socially conscious communities wherever they operate.

Eden + Elie

EDEN+ELIE is a design-based enterprise with a social mission is to bring work opportunities to those who are constrained by their circumstances (poverty, disability or care-giving responsibilities) causing them to be unable to enter the regular job market. In particular, they seek to train individuals to become artisans in the craft of bead weaving by teaching them beading techniques. Through this, their artisans not only find flexible employment to meet their income needs, but also take pride and derive value from creating artisanal goods that command a premium in a competitive marketplace with jewellery that pairs traditional bead-weaving techniques with modern materials and meaningful design to create contemporary handcrafted collections.

Hello Flowers!

Hello Flowers! is a social enterprise floral studio that inspires beautiful moments through its whimsical and nature-inspired creations. More than just a florist brand, Hello Flowers! recognises the therapeutic effect of flowers & nature and we seek to empower and restore others through it.

Kins by Hello Flowers! aims to create spaces where women from all backgrounds can participate meaningfully in society without discrimination and labels.

Kins’ mission is to form a sustainable cooperative that offers participation and empowerment opportunities for women from challenging backgrounds.

Foreword Coffee Roasters

With an inclusive work environment for persons with disabilities, special needs, and mental health conditions, this is a coffee company with the mission to inspire the can-do spirit to realize the potential in every individual. They practise direct sourcing for their specialty coffee beans and roast them locally. There are currently 8 locations in Singapore and 80% of their total staff strength comes from their target beneficiary groups.


BloomBack is a one stop online floral and gifts marketplace, bringing together a curated list of more than 30 big hearted florists to provide consumers a complete suite of floral products and services. BloomBack aims to unite humanity through flowers by empowering marginalised women by providing them with holistic training such as floristry and personal development skills to integrate them back into society. They also re-purpose event flowers and distribute them to hospice patients and old folks.

Hiding Place Kitchen

Hiding Place Kitchen Pte Ltd is a social enterprise wholly owned by the charity The Hiding Place (Christian Home Mission) Ltd, which is a halfway house offering rehabilitation to anyone in need of help. The social enterprise, Hiding Place Kitchen, is set as a central kitchen, baking goods for sale and offering food catering services. The purpose is to generate income for the charity, as well as to provide employment and skills training for the residents and ex-residents of the halfway house.

Green Cube Pte Ltd

Green Cube was founded by 3 individuals who met in the special education sector and are passionate about finding solutions for challenges that the special needs community face. Green Cube provide sales of microgreen products and consultancy services to general consumers, corporate clients, SPED Schools and DACs. They empower people with disabilities to participate and contribute to society by training them to be urban farmers. By providing inclusive opportunities, they want to propel them to lead dignified and fulfilling lives.

Will & Well

Will & Well is an inclusive fashion label founded to improve lives by changing the way we wear clothing. Many elements of modern clothing like buttons and back zippers have not been updated for centuries. These inconveniences that we easily dismiss are further amplified for people with disabilities. With forethought of the marginalised groups, they apply design thinking and technology to create apparels that impact lives by providing comfort, dignity and independence in daily dressing processes.

Flour Power

Flour Power is a social enterprise bakery that will train people with special needs and those recovering from mental illness in specific areas that are necessary in the baking process. This will aid them to find sustainable employment in commercial bakeries or the F&B industry. They want to address inclusive workplace through Universal Design for Learning framework, working with both the employers and the beneficiaries


SimplyGood is an ecommerce homecare company focused on reducing single use plastic starting from home. Using 96% less plastic, they provide cleaning supplies & refill systems that are effective, safe & non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Their eco-friendly home cleaning and personal care products are designed to help eliminate single-use plastic in the home and reduce home carbon footprint. Their proprietary dissolvable tablets are 300 times lighter and 200 times smaller than traditional supermarket liquid cleaners. All SimplyGood products are made from 100% plant-based natural ingredients to keep families and pets safe and the packaging is compostable too.

Minimakers Beeswax Wraps

They are a local maker of beeswax wraps focusing on creating better product, people, and planet. They aspire to build a collective of makers and designers that support differently abled artisans through shared employment.


Started by Jojo and mom Phoebe, Jojomama is an online store selling resin craft made by youth with Autism, working alongside their caregivers. The site now reaches out to the larger special needs community by providing workshops and employment programmes. Their beautifully handmade products are artistic and uniquely cast using real pressed flowers and other natural elements. They accept customised orders where company logo and names can be added into their products.

No Harm Done Pte Ltd

No Harm Done believes that everyone, given the choice, can live their best life with no harm done to man, animal or nature by making it easy to be conscious by providing no-harm-done alternatives to replace harmful everyday products, with their NESPRESSO alternative, organic, fair and compostable, plastic free capsules.

Project Dignity

A ground-breaking initiative started in 2010, Project Dignity is a unique social enterprise comprising namely Dignity Kitchen, Dignity Mama Stalls and many more. Their mission is “To build and return dignity to the disadvantaged and disabled through vocation with a passion.” Their uniqueness not only stems from the range of programs that they provide but also catering to almost all disabilities as well as most of the marginalised in our society. One of the key pillars is Dignity Kitchen which is Singapore’s first social enterprise food court that harnesses the special abilities of their beneficiaries. Dignity Kitchen is the first food court in the WORLD to attain the ISO 22000 certification for food safety management.


DON8URI - a social enterprise (co-founded by a Deaf & a Hearing) advocates for social integration of deaf individuals by providing them gainful employment with the ultimate social mission to equip them with the relevant skills and eventually the capability to embark on their respective entrepreneurial journey to pay it forward. They envision a truly inclusive Singapore where Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) is officially it’s 5th national language.

A selection of gourmet donburi curated by deaf advocates is served at their live station, catering to consumers at farmer markets/bazaars/flea markets and businesses in Singapore, for private or corporate events. They also conduct sign language workshops to foster greater inclusion and bridge communication between the Deaf and the hearing.

The Animal Project

The Animal Project or TAP manufactures, distributes and sells lifestyle products, handicraft, collective and gifts through B2B and B2C eCommerce business. Their products are embellished with artwork drawn by persons with special needs who in return receive royalty from the sale of these products. TAP also provides employment opportunities to persons with special needs.

S17 Community Kitchens

S17 Community Kitchen is located at the heart of 1200 units of rental flats, as well as many private and government offices in the Lengkok Bahru area. They provide employment to all those living in that area and also provide up to 500 meals per week for the elderly living in that vicinity. The Halal Community Kitchen serves delicious Nasi Padang dishes, Mee Rebus, Lontong, Mee Soto, Satay and more.


TeddyThotz is a social enterprise in retail which works with the elderly, poor, disadvantaged, homemakers, single mums, crafters and indie designers to develop creative and useful products for the marketplace, to showcase their talents and generate income for them. They also use their creative products and skills to support Friends of the Disabled Society and our Deaf friends.

Postman's Trinkets

Postman's Trinkets is a humble jewellery store with one goal: to lend a helping hand to dog shelters. They wish to help dogs, one bracelet at a time, where 30% of their total sales proceeds go towards a different shelter per month.



The list above is just a fraction of Social Enterprises available. We have listed them to give you some examples of what they are doing for social good and hope to inspire you to explore and support such businesses. We are in no way affiliated to them and we do not endorse their products or services. Do perform your due diligence to find out more before you purchase a product or service from them, Stay Social is not liable for any damage, claims or dispute arising from your patronage to the above listed sites.

You can also find out more about social enterprises in Singapore from the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise here

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