10 SECRETS TO STAYING HAPPY IN 2020 - Inspired by Alexa Dellanos

Updated: Jan 4

Ecclesiastes 6:9 🙏🏼

It's important to reflect on a year and look back at the highs and lows so that we will constantly strive to improve ourselves daily. We all struggle with similar things of "putting ourselves out there" whether thats starting a Youtube channel, launching a business or anything that will get us a step closer to what we want to do with our life. Just like the Kardashians, it's incredibly touching to see a gorgeous woman like Alexa Dellanos getting out of her comfort zone, ignoring the negativity we encounter in life from certain people just to focus on what matters and that is to help others to keep consistent and stay motivated--this is a must watch! It brought us to tears.

The latina social media influencer and Youtuber shared an intimate conversation about her life in hopes to inspire others. It inspired us so much, we wanted to create a story that summarizes what values are important in life in hopes to inspire others. (All photos we're taken from Alexa's Instagram: alexadellanos)

About Alexa

The Colombian social media star mainly resides in Miami, but can be found anywhere in the world with artist boyfriend Alec Monopoly. Her lifestyle content includes fashion, events, beauty and more!


“Any day above ground is a good day. Before you complain about anything, be thankful for your life and the things that are still going well.” - Germany Kent

The awareness of being grateful requires being present about what we have versus what we do not. Gratitude is putting forth the effort in showing an exchange in the simplest ways such as vocalizing it. A few things Alexa mentioned that you can probably relate to are:

  • Starting/having/staying consistent with your Youtube Channel or blog

  • Your online and offline supporters (followers)

  • Travel or any luxury such as clothes, entertainment and food

  • Your significant other


Your significant other is the person who you probably love most on earth, so why not practice loving each other the best way possible? Alec and Alexa are two love birds to look up to in this department. Alexa advises to do the below to make sure you know you are in a positive relationship:

  • Have fun

  • Laugh

  • Support each other

  • Be a good friend

  • Listen to one another

  • Show love and affection

  • Discover their love language


The right people in your life have no rush to stay in it, they will support you up close and at a distance. The truth is women tend to be incredibly and highly competitive nowadays to the point where they loose track of ever doing anything great together. Having a good attitude and perspective about learning to relationship properly with one another is the first step to having a better understanding about who is for you and who is not.

(The following is mainly directed towards women)

Facts most gals can agree with:

  • Girls can be catty

  • True friends dont need to talk every day

  • True friends will always be there for you

  • Real friends make you feel good

  • Modern day female oppression exists


Have the courage to be bold about your hearts desires this year! Do what makes you happy and ignore the people and distractions that prevent you from making your dreams a reality. After all, no one can make that happen but you. Take a deep breath. Make small steps every day to reach them regardless of how long it takes..you've got this!!!

  • Launch your business

  • Support other women

  • Get a dog

  • Help the poor and less fortunate


If self-love is not properly understood--it can come across as arrogant or cocky. Spending time to invest in your personal happiness is just as important as offering it to others. Here is what Alexa has to say about self love:

  • Be proud of yourself

  • Accept yourself

  • Be confident 

  • Make health a priority


Ecclesiastes 7:3 🙏🏼The loss of a loved one, parent or sibling never comes easy to anyone and changes us forever. Life is very short and should be enjoyed to the fullest. As someone who has lost someone very close and special--she encouraged her followers with a few life changing points:

  • Always be present with loved ones

  • We may lose a special person in life, but their soul is always with us

  • A spiritual life can be your foundation

  • Don’t over complicate things

  • Love quickly

  • Forgive quickly


Offering a smile to someone is one of the best things you can every do for someone. We never know what is truly going on in another person's life--so it's critical to be willing to give help or ask for help and truly having intentions to be there for one another and those in your circle. Alexa recommends to:

  • Ask for help

  • You’re never alone

  • Be patient enough to understand yourself

  • Someone will always understand


Ecclesiastes 6:10🙏🏼 After the loss of her father a few years ago, Alexa opened up about the pain it caused and how her belief in God kept her moving forward and feeling optimistic about life again. She believes:

  • All humans have a purpose on earth

  • We can find strength in God

  • A relationship with God will make us truly happy


Proverbs 21:5 🙏🏼

"The facts are that most business owners fail because they feel their work, products or services are so exceptionally good that they do not need to advertise or make personal sales calls. This is a death sentence in the business world. To succeed you need to focus the majority of your time, money and efforts on marketing, sales and networking. " - David Zielinski

  • No one is entitled to anything

  • You are not a product of your environment

  • We are influenced by our childhood environment but not controlled by it

  • Everything you have is a result of your actions


Eccelesiastes 7:14 🙏🏼We will always deal with the motions and emotions of life so why not make emotional stability for ourselves a priority this year?

Alexa's takeaways:

  1. Stay true to who you are

  2. Stay true to the people who love you

  3. Stay true to what you really want in life

We hope you enjoyed this article inspired by Alexa as much as it touched us. For more South Florida lifestyle content about people doing great things follow Stay Social PR on Instagram or visit our website for any digital marketing needs. This article was written by: Monica Ramos Founder of The Stay Social Insider.

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