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About Us

Heart & Hands

Stay Social was conceptualized as an online travel related search directory to generate income to support social causes. We believe travel can benefit us in many ways, such as helping to boost mental and physical health, helping us build social relationships, expose us to new things and provide opportunities to learn and grow. Travel can also help us improve our communication skills, boost our confidence and can also make us more open to ourselves by being more open to others.


Instead of limiting ourselves, we saw the potential of including other industries on this platform to make a meaningful impact to the lives of those in need. To help them improve mental and physical health, to boost their confidence and equip them with new skills to flourish. We want them to experience the many benefits we could get from travelling, to provide them with the ability to do so and empower them to overcome challenges in their journey towards an enriching life.

We hope to inspire individuals and companies to build a more caring and inclusive society. At Stay Social, we are committed to reinvest 50% of our income generated from our website to support social causes in Singapore. As we grow, we hope to add more beneficiaries to our list but in the meantime, we have chosen to support beneficiaries from the following sectors which we will be donating to.

Fist Bump with Coach

Physical Disabilities

Boy Playing with Blocks

Intellectual Disabilities


Elderly Care


Children with Chronic Illnesses

Animal Welfare

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